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Refurbishment of Specialised Projects

WILCOTE has vast experience, in all aspects associated with the Restoration and Refurbishment of all types of Structures and Buildings. This expertise, includes the many levels required and directed at Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural and Domestic environments.

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Some of the many Projects WILCOTE specializes in and has successfully concluded are:

  • Badly corroded Chemical Tanks
  • Chemical resistant Coatings for Abattoirs, Hospital Theaters, Laboratories, Hotel kitchens and sculleries.
  • Epoxy and Polyurethane Flooring Systems for Hatcheries, Dairies, Furniture Factories and Warehouses, Hospitals, the Food and Motor Industry, etc.
  • Specialized Waterproofing Systems to prevent the ingress of water on High-rise buildings, Flats and Apartments.
  • The repair and rejuvenation of expansion joints and cracks, particularly those that are the sub-sequence of subsidence and bad building practices.
  • Specialized Rust converters and Rust inhibitors.

Over the past 30 years, WILCOTE has developed an excellent track record, with our on-going Restoration and Refurbishment Projects, Countrywide, we are able to successfully provide cost effective, long term Solutions, for all of our Customers, needs and requirements. All of WILCOTE’S Systems and Solutions carry guarantees.

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